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Father & Son

Meet Our Agents

Clarence Alford

Owner and Senior Consultant

Our very own Consultant has always been extremely dedicated to our clients and has earned quite the respected reputation over the years. Come experience top service for yourself and get an estimate today.

Man in Suit

 Reese Whit

Senior Insurance Agent

An experienced Senior Insurance Agent, Reese Whit is a valuable member of the CAA Group family, leading the team from one success to the next. If you are looking for a full, comprehensive explanation of our insurance services, stop by today to meet Reese Whiteman in person.

Kris Ware

Customer Relations Agent

Kris Ware is a customer favorite for being able to relate to each client’s unique needs. There really couldn’t be a better Customer Relations Agent! Stop by today to receive some advice from the very best in the field.

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