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CAA Group LLC teams up with Forester Financial

We are pleased to announce we have now completed contracting with Forester Financial to provide our clients with more products at affordable prices.

Why Foresters, because they provide life insurance with a larger purpose.

Foresters is committed to making a difference in our clients lives and communities. Foresters brings with them 150 rich years, financial strength, competitiveness, and commitment to technology.

Foresters carries an “A” rating reported as A.M. Best Financial Strength rating for the 20th consecutive year, has assets of $14.2 Billion USD, liabilities of $12.6 Billion USD, and a surplus of $1.6 Billion USD.

Become a member and enjoy all the benefits that membership has to offer.

Foresters deliver the right financial solution when it matters most including:

non-medical up to $400,000 with Term, Whole Life, and Smart UL products. Foresters has available a Simplified Issue insurance plan, Accidental Death Term Insurance, and BrightFuture Childrens Whole Life insurance.

We are Helping Clients Prepare for an iIlness

§ We offer products that have Built-in Accelerated Death Benefit Riders for Term, a product called PlanRight that is tailored (for Terminal Illness)

§ You have the Option to accelerate a portion of the eligible death benefit and receive a payment if the insured is diagnosed with a covered illness, which may include one or more of a critical, chronic, or terminal illness

Imagine obtaining a life insurance policy from a company who:

§ Is driven to share with members and that is not shareholder-driven!

§ Is a not-for-profit membership organization reinvesting profits to help members and their communities.

§ Welcomes individuals who share a common bond or purpose

§ Offers products and services that go beyond life insurance planning to help make a positive difference in the world.

Here are some examples of what membership offers

Scholarship opportunities

Helping our members and their families reach their goals for higher education:

§ Competitive Scholarships – $1.89 Million (USD) was awarded in Competitive Scholarships in 2019

Competitive Scholarships

$2,000 per year, renewable for up to four years based on academics

§ Application requirements and selection criteria based on: – 65% community service: Minimum requirement of 40 hours service in the 24 months leading up to the application deadline – 35% grades: Minimum requirement of a 2.8 grade point average – Enrolling in a minimum 2-year, full-time program at a university, community college, or vocational/trade school

Orphan Scholarships

Children of deceased members may receive a scholarship: – $1,500 on the death of one parent – $3,000 on the death of a single parent – $6,000 on the death of both parents

§ Available for a maximum of four consecutive years or until the first degree is obtained

Community Grants

Helping our members make a difference by giving back to their local communities:

§ Apply for financial grants to help create local engagement activities – Community Volunteer grants – Fun Family grants – Make an IMPACT

§ $4.26 Million (USD) in grants creating 2,130 fun family and volunteer activities attended by 93,836 members and guests in 2019

Community Volunteer

Maximum of up to $2,000 per grant

§ Providing members with funds to independently organize volunteer activities that contribute to community and family well-being

§ Granting examples: Park clean-up, assembling hygiene kits for the homeless, or gift packs for disadvantaged children

Family Fun

Maximum of up to $35 per person

§ Providing members the opportunity to organize activities for other local Foresters members and their families

§ Fun examples: A day at an amusement park, a sporting event, or an evening at the movies

Grant eligibility:

Community Volunteer grants: Three grants can be approved per calendar year and a maximum of two Community Volunteer/Fun Family grant applications can be submitted per quarter per member, to a maximum of five grant submissions per year

§ Fun Family grants: Two grants can be approved per calendar year and a maximum of two Community Volunteer/Fun Family grant applications can be submitted per quarter per member, to a maximum of five grant submissions per year

§ Pre-planning is key! Applications must be submitted 8-10 weeks in advance. All activities must be INCLUSIVE, open to all ages, and should be after business hours or on weekends § Members can bring up to three guests

§ The granting program is not a sponsorship! All Community Volunteer grants must be meaningful volunteer opportunities

§ Great resources are available: Activity guides are on the member and producer portals

Make an IMPACT

Helps members make a difference in their communities with a one-time grant of $200 § Grant can be used in many ways including: – Contact-free activities related to COVID-19 – Creating hygiene kits – Preparing care packages for those in need § Encourages members to share success stories and inspire good works through social media by joining Foresters Make an IMPACT Facebook group

Well-being benefits

Helping our members and their families make certain their financial matters are in order:


Complimentary online document preparation service

§ Service gives members the ability to create customizable: – Wills – Powers of attorney – Healthcare directives

§ Platform uses pre-programmed logic to instantly customize and populate documents according to a member’s answers and tailored to their jurisdiction

2. Everyday Money

Complimentary toll-free and confidential helpline for financial matters

§ Service provides access to accredited counselors who can help members and their immediate family with everyday money management including: – Budgeting – Dealing with credit card debt – Saving for a home or college – Tips to prevent identity theft

3.Orphan Benefit

Up to $900 per month per child to help legal guardians care for children upon the death of the children’s parents or sole surviving parent

§ Benefits are in addition to the death benefit proceeds and start approximately one month after payment of the death benefit

§ Benefit ends: – On the child’s 18th birthday, – If the child becomes married or self-supporting, or – Is approved for an Orphan Scholarship

4.Terminal Illness Loan

Borrow up to 75% of the net face amount of the member’s Foresters life insurance certificate, to a maximum of $250,000

– No interest, set-up fees, or rider charges

– Members can use money any way they wish, such as for helping to pay medical expenses or participating in an important event

5. Diabetes

Simplifying diabetes care for members and their immediate families, by helping to cut costs and getting the essentials they need, with home delivery of discounted Accu-Chek13 products

§ This benefit offers two options: – Flexible test-strip subscription: Receive a free Bluetooth blood glucose meter with every subscription – Discounted glucose testing accessory bundle: Save 33% on key items for testing blood sugar

6.Lifelong Learning

Easy-to-use learning library offering over 200 online courses covering a diverse range of topics including: – Business Management – Health and Wellness – Professional Development – And much more

§ Members can create flexible learning plans that fit their own interests and schedules as well as track their progress through a personalized dashboard

§ A certificate of completion is provided once a course is successfully completed

Community and volunteer opportunities

Helping our members be part of something more with company-sponsored involvement events and opportunities for volunteer leadership:

§ Since 2016, Foresters and KaBOOM! have built 169 playspaces across North America, impacting the lives of over 5.7 million children.

§ Foresters offer two levels of elected leadership14 made up of members interested in sharing their ideas and planning for the future.

We know life can get complicated.

If a member has financial question, help may be just a phone call away.

As part of our member benefits, Foresters offers free and deeply discounted financial advice through Everyday Money.

Thank you for your time! Remember to:

Listen to our Podcasts on Anchor, Apple Podcasts, Breaker, Google Podcasts, Overcast, RadioPublic, Spotify, and Copy RSS.

Obtain a FREE Final Expense insurance quote from CAA Group LLC today at (888) 363-9970 or (864) 663-2949 on the website or by email request at

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