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Final Expense with TLG

We have exciting news! We have partnered with another great company called The Leazer Group (TLG).

Through TLG we have access to products from Mutual of Omaha, Nassau RE, Great Western Insurance Company, American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company, TransAmerica, and Foresters Financial.

The Leazer Group is a coalition of agents that serve our communities in the areas of Mortgage Protection, Senior Benefits End of Life Preparation, and Safe Money Retirement Planning.

TLG is a family - owned National Agency and we are committed to protecting your family and your future in order to provide “peace of mind for years to come.”

Final Expense Insurance.

Every day, families are faced with the difficult task of saying goodbye to loved ones. As hard as it is to deal with the loss, unexpected costs can create a financial burden on family members, making this time even harder. Give your family the gift of a plan and the comfort of knowing they will not have to dip into savings to pay for your final expenses by planning ahead. By purchasing a life insurance policy, you can rest easy knowing that your family will have the extra support of a death benefit to help cover those unexpected costs. With a simple application process, affordable premiums, and various premium payment methods, it is easy to protect your loved ones and show them how much you care.

Here's how we help you secure your loved one’s tomorrow… Today.

We review some brief information to determine the best way to protect you and your family. We’ll fill out an application form, sign and submit it to the provider that best fits your family’s needs. If this sounds good we will do everything we can to get your qualified for the plan that fits your situation.

Value at it’s best-living benefits.

1. Critical Illness-Allows you to take up to 95% of your base policy death benefit if you are diagnosed with ALS, life threatening cancer, kidney failure, heart attack, major organ failure or stroke.

2. Chronic Illness-Allows you to take up to 24% of your death benefit each year up to 95% in total, if you become unable to perform two out of six activities of daily living or suffer severe cognitive impairment.

3. Terminal Illness-Allows you to advance up to 95% of your base policy death benefit if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness and life expectancy of 12 months of less.


Our goal is to find a policy that will fit both your needs and budget.


CAA Group LLC offers Emergency Response System (ERS).

BILLIONS of dollars sit unclaimed on life insurance policies where the policy owner has died and the insurance carrier was not notified.

• We also have an Emergency Contact System at TLG to prevent this from happening.

• What We Will Do:

• Take the name(s) and number(s) of your loved one(s)

• Contact your loved one(s) and let them know who we are, give them our contact information and next steps in the event of your death.


• Do you consider yourself a saver or an investor?

• How much of your current savings, 401ks, IRA’S can you afford to lose?

• How much have you lost of your current savings in the last 5 years?

• Are you concerned that you will outlive your money?

• Did you know there is a cash accumulation account with insurance companies that is guaranteed and offers up to 10% bonus on your principal deposit?


• Ask yourself. If any financial situation came up would this coverage be the first to go?

• I will get your policy turned in immediately for approval.

• Once approved I will personally contact and let you know the good news.

• When the policy arrives, I ask that you please contact me and let me know so that we can schedule a policy review if needed.

• Now you feel great knowing you took care of your family today for _in most cases less than a cable bill cost__ per month?

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